God Forbid - IV: Constitution Of Treason (Century Media) - Back
Blistering riffs, domineering drums, and energy filled & emotionally charged vocals, what else would you expect from God Forbid? “IV: Constitution Of Treason” is their forth-album. It is broken up into ninety-nine tracks. Almost like they broke up the disc into its elements or parts, but it’s still as fluid as ever. However, the one thing I noticed, it doesn’t seem like they spent as much time on this record as they did writing the other discs. Anyhow, eleven songs is the real total, and you can look at the listing in the same light as the reading of a constitution. 3 Articles, 99 Sections…the 3 Articles are “Twilight of Civilization”, “In The Darkest Hour, There Was One”, and “Devolution”. God Forbid continues their expertise in writing. They incorporate metal and hardcore elements so well that it’s really pleasing to fans of both. Heavy and technical enough to be metal, powerful and catchy enough to be hardcore. God Forbid probably are the best in the business in that aspect. I don’t ever think I’ll get enough of their signature, heavy as hell, riffs! “IV: Constitution Of Treason” is another great album to add to their catalog. Although this isn’t quite to the level of their last disc, it’s the closest possible. Hell their last disc “Gone Forever” was my album of the year for 2004 and it’s safe to say this disc will be people on many peoples list for 2005!

Rating: 90