Godless Truth - Arrogance of Supreme Power (Lacerated Enemy) - Back
Godless Truth is a Czech Republic-based death metal band reminiscent in style to bands like Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse. The groups' 4th full-length, Arrogance of Supreme Power, is their most sophisticated recording thus far. With technicality complimenting brutality, Godless Truth is fairly easy to get into for fans of this style. Especially the track "Mission: Fuck You", which is an excellent example of all their traits and easily my favorite track! The first thing you notice is the overlaid bass guitar making the album more comprehensive in contrast to most bands. Not only are their riffs also very aggressive and technical with some solos, they are also quite catchy ones. The production isn't too shabby either (sounds like an early 90's "Scott Burns" recording). The cover artwork is a little goofy, but GT's logo design has greatly improved from the simple font lettering style of their previous 2 efforts. Anything in death metal that is hand-drawn is a good sign! This is an impressive album regardless of any tweaks it may possess. Definitely a recommended album for fans of Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Pyaemia, Seance, and Cannibal Corpse! (you get the picture....)

Rating: 80

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell