Gods of Fire - Wrath of the Gods (Black Thirteen) - Back
Well over fifty minutes of thrash and power metal on eight tracks showcase what the Gods of Fire are all about. Musically the band sounds like Iron Maiden, old Metallica, maybe some Mercyful Fate or Overkill. But this band appears to me as a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide band. At times they can be as good as anyone, but then something else will jump out every so often that can kill the flow of the songs. The choruses are quite good and full of energy and vocals in general almost sound like Bruce Dickinson. I love the first line of the chorus of “Welcome to Hell,” it’s very catchy how it’s presented. Overall the vocals are generally good, but can be flat from time to time. As Prometheus tries to imitate Bruce Dickinson, certain times he sounds flat to the point that he reminds me of the character voice on South Park of John Stamos’ brother; not that pleasing to listen to. Lyrically certain lines grab your attention on how blunt they are and it gives the Gods of Fire an added edge. Musically this album has a good mood, the album feels full, nothing missing. The harmonies work well throughout the album, a lot of them are great, but every so often you hear an off note or something that doesn’t fit. Parts of the solos have good examples of this, they may be a little unorganized. Some soloing experience could help this band. Not to nitpick, but the levels of instruments are not perfect, a little studio improvement can’t hurt. I ended up liking about half the album, but I think that the previously mentioned track “Welcome to Hell” is the clear cut best all around song. There are other shinning moments in a few other songs including the tracks “Hyperion,” “Digital Neon” and “Nectar of the Gods.” One more thing worth mentioning is that the full-length songs last for at least five minutes and can be up to nearly ten minutes. They don’t dick around with couple minute songs, and it show that these guys love writing music. As you can see now, it appears that this band has a good and a bad side on certain elements that comprise this album. They show talent but can’t keep it together for every song. Some parts of this album are exceptional but the weaker parts knock this effort down a peg. It’s a shame that everything on this disc isn’t on the same level; this could have been a really good disc.

Rating: 68