Golgothian Denial - The Reign of Hatred (Independent) - Back
Golgothian Denial is a two-piece Michigan-based black metal ensemble. "The Reign of Hatred" is the bands' first official release. These two individuals are extremely talented musicians. Actually, GD have rather distinguishable roots, anything from 80's thrash to 90's death and black metal. Although, the production is rather tacky most of the way through the disc. I gotta tell ya, without such a lacking production job on this disc... these guys are VERY good to say the least. It isn't even really that this is a huge problem, but "amateurly-mastered" is more like it. Anyways, enough about that. They have an uncanny resemblance to bands like Sadus and have the grimness of a band like say- Beherit. I hear loads of guitar soloing, some extremely well placed drum blasting, and a modestly grim black metal voice with some occasional whispery death rasping. Most of the time, these guys throw some very technical stuff at you. The duo have some needed work ahead of them, but they seem to know the direction they want to go. Once they polish things a bit, they will turn a lot of heads. Keep Golgothian Denial in mind! Maybe...a future black metal version of Arsis?

Rating: 68

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell