Gory Blister - Art Bleeds (Independent) - Back
Gory Blister is a death metal band from Italy, much in the vain of the death metal gods in the band Death. Their music is constructed in a similar way, and sound similar to Death. They use melodic and heavy death metal riffing through-out their CD, and they use it in the same way as Death does; without over using either style. They have some great leads and solo's as well. It's interesting to find a band from Italy with this style, usually bands from Italy are to envolved with the Renaissance era, and tend to make their music doomy or gothic in one way or another. This CD, "Art Bleeds," has ten tracks on it, and spans the time of about thirty-three minutes. The songs are not as long as Death's, but they definitely get the point across. The first track "Primordial Scenery," the title track "Art Bleeds,"and the last track "Never Let Me Down" are my favorite tracks on this CD. "Anticlimax" and "A Gout From The Scar" were also pretty cool. They also have a cool instrumental on this CD, that breaks up the CD nicely, so you don't have to much of an onslaught. I think its probably in the best part of the CD. If you are interested in this band let me know and I will hook you up with what you need.

Rating: 80