Gracefallen - Lord of Gale (Independent) - Back
I am a bit confused with Gracefallen’s approach, especially knowing of Domingo Smets' presence (whom has worked with bands like Ancient Rites, Agathocles, and Renaissance). By confused, I am referring to the awkward sorta "out-of-synchronization" type of dark metal atmosphere. The music itself isn't bad at all, the screams aren't bad, but the female vox are a bit too noticable. I enjoy a good soprano female vocal most of the time and this one isn't too bad either, it's a stemline between the production and the mastering levels that gives it too much lift. Expectations for these guys (and girl) will be a much greater success whenever a record label deal is met, I am sure. However, a prime example of Gracefallen’s music is of an older-Theatre Of Tragedy with a more aggressive notch. I do like most of what I hear, but there are those "pick and choose" flaws that can yet be heard.

Rating: 72

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell