Grand Magus - Wolf’s Return (Rise Above/Candlelight) - Back
To start, this disc surprised me, I really didn’t know what to expect. “Wolf’s Return” is this Swedish band’s second full-length. The songs are written quite well, lots of catchy rhythms to open your eyes to. Grand Magus plays a mix of energetic doom and power metal. Think St. Vitus, or Candlemass with some power metal influences, Sabbathy influences, and their own twists. There are probably some influences from bands like Clutch and Orange Goblin, as well. It has nice contrast. Deep, heavy, riffs, with powerful singing vocals, and the music can possess a great deal of power, similar how Ronnie James Dio or Bruce Dickinson has power. Not that JB is the same caliper as Dio or Bruce, but he can hold his own. He also does vocals for Spiritual Beggars. As for their similarities with Clutch and Orange Goblin, they are felt mostly with their buzzing guitar sound. Putting this sound all together is producer Oneman, whom might sound familiar since he produced Grand Magus’ last album “Monument.” Of the eleven tracks, there are three short instrumentals from a minute to a minute and a half. They kind of sectioned up the album. Even though the disc sounds respectable, with a few more catchy riffs this won’t only grab people’s attention, but it may shake them violently as well.

Rating: 80