Graveworm - Collateral Defect (Nuclear Blast Records) - Back
“Collateral Defect” starts with an odd electronic/industrial intro, not necessary what you would expect from Graveworm. But right after that the CD starts right in with their brand of atmospheric, doom, dark metal. Getting an exact genre for this band can prove to be useless since you can hear anything from black, dark, doom, gothic, thrash, death and progressive metal in their music.

This is Graveworm’s 6th album, and they continue to put forth enjoyable music. They take an amalgamation of metal sounds and create satisfying musicscapes. The music is quite dynamic. It would seem that they are using more variation than before, pushing extreme dynamics to the edge. Their melodic guitarwork is excellent. Pleasing to the melodious metal ear. Vocals are generally in the death/black style but clean gothic like vocals do make an appearance as well. The atmosphere adds even more to this experience.

“Suicide Code,” “Fragile Side,” and “Out of Clouds” are my favorite originals on the disc, though the cover on the disc was quite good and a surprise. Track 7 is a cover of “Holding Out For A Hero,” a Bonnie Tyler tune, which they list as “I Need A Hero.” When I first heard it, I remembered it from being one of songs on the soundtrack for the movie “Short Circuit 2.” It’s also been used in such movies as “Footloose,” “Who's Harry Crumb?,” “Bandits,” and “Shrek 2.” In addition to that they also have a couple guest appearances on their album from Maurizio Iacono (Kataklysm), and Matze (The Sorrow), and Andy Classen (Krisiun, Rotting Christ, Dew-Scented, Tankard) produced the album.

You shouldn’t need to know much more about this release except it has ten total tracks, over forty minutes in length and you need to check it out!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins