Gravity Crash - Demo 2004 (Independent) - Back
This sounds like it was meant to be a joke or something. Gravity Crash is consisted of two individuals from Ohio who play.... well, I'm not too sure. It sounds like a combination of spacey punk and thrash, but the sound is very bad. Definitely has it's own originality, but it sounds more or less like these two people just put this together in their basement while being abducted by aliens. Just listening to the second track, Alien Invasion, cracks me up. It's the Space Invaders soundtrack! I will give Gravity Crash some credit, despite the mediocrity…they are extremely entertaining. If super-raw black metal were more my thing or these guys were playing this for me in the car, I'd probably... nah- who am I kidding? The joke's on you! If this was meant to be serious, someone needs to talk with these gentlemen...

Rating: 20

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell