Grendel - Something To Remind (Independent) - Back
In 1999 the band Grendel was formed in Helsinki, Finland. “Something To Remind” was made in 2004, this is the bands forth demo and sixth release overall. This demo is a rockin’ version of Katatonia crossed with Stained and maybe a tinge of Opeth and Sentenced. Its really hard to categorize who they sound like, they have really fashioned their own sound. Grendel states that their approach is “Melodic Heavy-Rock.” I agree, that explains their style well. This disc is a pleasing rock/hard rock album, melodic, but still some riffs that rock pretty hard, and can get your head nodding. Musicianship is well put to use with melodies, and the use of multiple layers, it keeps the music fresh. “Something To Remind” has a great production for a demo. They have captured full-length album sound on a CD that has two songs for a little more than ten minutes of music. Both songs are good, but I like the first track, “The Times Of Agony,” better than the title track, “Something To Remind.” I wish I could hear at least one more song to understand their music better. It’s like getting ice cream but having it melt just before you really get into it.

Rating: 80