Grenouer - Presence With War (CD Maximum) - Back
Hailing from Russia is the band Grenouer. Pinpointing exactly what they sound like on their CD “Presence With War” can prove to be difficult. It’s somewhere within the likes of Pro-Pain, Machine Head or Pantera with death metal elements, and for some reason I want to say Helmet influences as well. Their death/thrashy sound is not quite defined on this disc. It’s a little bit of a confused sound…like the band wasn’t sure what direction they wanted to go in. However, there are lots of catchy thrash/death riffs on the thirty-eight minutes and nine songs. The solid guitar riffing prevails throughout this album. It has this explosive sound, but getting it a little tighter wouldn’t hurt. Also, some riffs seem like filler because they aren’t nearly as appealing as the good riffs around them. My favorite part is probably the vocals. The guttural death vocals Ind uses sound like he’s gargling with broken glass and rock salt. Awesome!! Mickmo who works for the comic book industry created the cover and it fits this album well. Genouer recorded “Presence With War” in Moscow, Russia and mastered it at well-known Finnvox Studio in Finland. Not bad, but there is room for improvement.

Rating: 74