Grenouer - Try (Siberian League) - Back
“Try” is the latest release from Russian band Grenouer. On this new, three song, MCD they consider themselves techno-death…their music now hits harder than ever. I think their resonance is much more death than anything else, but it does possess a similar power as techno beats. The first track, “Devil’s Eye,” sounds like Meshuggah if they were a true death metal band. There are some similar beats, and deep, bass-driven, down-tuned riffs. One is this, heavy, pounding riff that is as brutal as puppy-dog strudel! It’s a good track, and my favorite on the disc. Grenouer’s heavy and raw style is a little more defined than their last disc; it’s more direct. There are even a few characteristics like the more death elements of Slipknot. Vocals are once again a strong component and are reminiscent of Carcass with a little Devildriver. The three tracks last about eleven minutes and are all about the same in length. “Try” was mastered in Astia Studio in Finland and Anssi Kippo was at the board when this was recorded. He has previously worked with Children of Bodom and Impaled Nazerene. With this new CD out now, and with members of the band having past experience with the black/death project Tartharia, who was signed to Crash Music a few years ago, you can tell this is the start of a promising future.

Rating: 79