Grey Skies Fallen - Two Way Mirror (Xanthros Music) - Back
It’s been a while since Grey Skies Fallen has put forth a new album. Over the last three or four years they had many changes in the lineup and even disbanded a couple times I believe. All this has lead to their third full-length disc, "Two Way Mirror." Joe D’Angelo (guitarist/co-founder) has now rejoined Rick Habeeb and company, helping the creation of a new sound for the band. Still hear some of their doom influences, but not as heavy as I remember the band from their early years. Dark, progressive, doom rock like recent Anathema, Paradise Lost, and Katatonia is similar to their vibe. Somber emotions are felt though out the music especially with the guitar melodies and keys probably drawing some inspiration from those bands just mentioned and Pink Floyd. Overall Grey Skies Fallen might not be quite to the caliper of those bands but musically they can hold their own. There are some nice parts throughout this record, especially when they use their layers of melancholic music creatively. With a little more cohesion they could approach an Anathema or Katatonia. My only real problem I have with the disc is portions of the vocals and a couple abrupt endings to songs. They need to create a little better way to blend the lead and backing vocals to the music, unlike the need for death vocals they use and have used in past efforts, the singing approach could use a little more range so it’s not so bland. More reverb? Maybe if there was a little more death thrown in variation to the clean vocals, it would blend slightly better. The clean voice just don’t work all the time, making the vocals feel a little awkward. Lastly, it could use a little shot of adrenaline every so often as well, to increase the energy a bit; it can be too mellow at times for me. I like the more aggressive and heavier style they show at the end of “Forget the Past” and “The Opposite of Up,” as well as in the title track “Two Way Mirror” and “This Sinking Feeling.” To me these may be the perfect examples to show what Grey Skies Fallen is all about these days, they encompasses everything the band uses and I hope to hear more like them.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins