Grimfist - 10 Steps To Hell (Candlelight) - Back
Norway's Grimfist haven't just jumped one or two steps from their last album, but 10 more Steps to Hell. With "10 Steps to Hell", the 3-piece have built a bigger monster with bigger riffs, more rage and better execution. Take the opening track, The Power, for instance. Track one opens with a relentlessly aggressive and choppy (sorta Pestilence-style) thrash riff behind black abyssal screams and insane drum pulses followed by a mid-paced death metal feel with some death n roll breaks. Some other great highlights are "The Ashes of the Gods", "Fight or Die" and "Breed Apart". 10 Steps to Hell, essentially consists of 10 tracks and hides just under 45 minutes of metal excellence. The style of this band is pretty much style-less. I have gathered a plethora of bands that would need to unite to form Grimfist and they are Marduk, Pestilence, Dark Angel, Vader and Dark Tranquillity with a slight touch of Pantera. Basically you need the best thrash, the most aggressive death, the most relentless black metal and some innovative melodies to display a close resemblance to Grimfist! Ole, Frediablo and Horgh have left no holes in the music and have certainly showcased their full abilities on this second opus. It will leave everyone blood-thirsty for their next release! If you're a metal fan at all, you shouldn't miss out on “10 Steps to Hell”!!

Rating: 96

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell