Grimness - Increase Humanity Disgust (Hardebaran) - Back
Unleashed upon humanity in the year of 2002 with a MCD entitled, "Dogma," now emerges a relentlessly grim attack called, "Increase Humanity Disgust," in 2005! This Italian 4-piece is known as Grimness. There are a number of things that set Grimness apart from a whole slew of other black metal artists. I suppose, though, that they aren't just strictly black metal (thrash??). One is the fact that even with their relentless aggression, they attract a lot of catchiness with memorable melodies. In a sense, like "Nemesis Divina"-era Satyricon or "Storm...."-era Dissection. Another trait unlike others is their use of technicality alongside a "grim" black metal style. Although this has been used here and there by others, it hasn't really been assigned to a band exclusively. A final thought here is their sensibility towards the dynamics. Grimness mix and match a catchy black metal chorus with acoustic guitars and a brutal death metal blast with rapid & melodic, yet intricate, craftsmanship. Much of the sound is also heavily thrash influenced. Think Dissection, Satyricon, Hate Eternal and someone like say- Possessed, all woven together!! These guys are easily a great and gallant force in the underground!

Rating: 89

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell