Guillotine - Off With Their Heads (Independent) - Back
Here is a band who hasn't really been around that long.... whence the quality. The four-piece known as Guillotine, have rushed things a bit it would seem. They have attempted a melodic black/death metal approach and it's not that their ideas or even their music is bad, the lacking production and rushed song qualities are the main concern. They should really decide on a later point in time to release a disc in a mastering studio room with a little more of a relaxed setting. This particular demo release presents 8 tracks of raw black/death, running a bit over 45 minutes in length. Guillotine sounds very dedicated, but they're very shaky. There are a lot of good qualities as well, though. Most of the riffs are pretty decent and there is a definite Maiden influence with a good number of solos. I even appreciate the instrumental track, "A Red Sky Rises", which features some acoustic arpeggio-medleys. There isn't really a lot to be excited about here, but there seems to be a distant light on the horizon. If only to one day find it.... I hope Guillotine does!

Rating: 40

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell