Guillotine - Demo 2005 (Independent) - Back
Wow, this is much better than their previous effort! The only thing now is, they've changed their vocal style from black/death to power metal. Talk about confused! Anyways, giving these guys some credit would be an under statement. The band’s tightness & musical flow of their songs are much improved and sound much more professional now. More solos, catchy & better riffs, and tremendous Heavy Metal feeling at times. The production of this demo is nearly top-notch, which for power metal, is very important anyways. I just wish they would decide what sort of music they wish to play. They seem to be decent at this style, but a lot of people who listen to this will most likely be into other power or progressive metal and will expect something similar the next time. Not say- doom metal or grunge. Of course, that would be different too (like Ulver- an ever-evolving metamorphosis). If Guillotine remains as they currently are with Brian on the mic (Halford with a Gothenburg sound), this could be a very interesting formula down the road. Oh yeah, and maybe even more songs. Great improvement!!

Rating: 60

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell