Gwar - Live From Mt. Fuji (DRT Entertainment) - Back
Gwar, a band known for their live show, have never released an official live recording before. That is, until now! “Live From Mt. Fuji” is Gwar’s very first, live recording. And before you ask…no, it’s not recorded at Mt. Fuji, it’s just a name for their live album. The CD is filled with classic tracks like “Bring Back The Bomb,” “Womb With A View,” and “Sick Of You. ” There are twelve live tracks to be exact, two special bonus tracks, and you can’t forget there video for “Bring Back The Bomb.” It sounds good for a live show, but vocals could have been bumped up a little. I noticed them getting drowned out by the rest of the band a few times. Sometimes that’s what happens during live shows. Everything else is what you would expect; even their bloody battles from the live show are part of the recording. Finally, you can take the live antics of Gwar home and play them on your stereo. Gwar fans should be pleased with this live disc; it was definitely worth the wait.

Rating: 86