GZR - Ohmwork (Sanctuary Records) - Back
Geezer Butler famed from his time with Black Sabbath is back with his band GZR. Heavy metal has run through his veins for over 35 years now and there are no signs of stopping it. Metal riffs real you into this metal composition of 10 songs and 44 minutes. You can find these riffs in every song, full with energy like a nuclear warhead. They have that modern day heavy crunch; the guitars have great presence, almost unmatched. Some of these riffs are bad ass, pretty damn heavy. “Alone” is a great example of the super heavy riffs, its like Crowbar. There are parts that remind me of Ozzy, and Zack Wylde as well. Vocals are generally clean, but there is that more energetic, pissed-off scream. The lyrics can get pretty brutal. Wanna listen to a good track? Pick one, they all hold their own. “Ohmwork” is pretty much straight ahead, balls to the wall, heavy metal. This is for the true metal heads. If you want to headbang to metal riffs with an attitude “Ohmwork” is for you.

Rating: 84