Haggard - Eppur Si Muove (Drakkar Entertainment) - Back
These guys are the most unique band I've ever heard in metal!! This doesn't necessarily mean Haggard is Opeth or My Dying Bride, but can be honorably mentioned in the same breath as such bands. Haggard is a 17-piece metal orchestra from Germany and thereabouts. "Eppur Si Muove" is Haggards' 2004 release and probably their most prestigious and sophisticated one (as if the others were not - haha)! The very essence of their music is so flawlessly breathtaking and free-flowing that I really can't pin-point any references, but I can indulge in their musical craftsmanship as one of the most difficult to accomplish in the musical spectrum. The mix of Classical music with progressive death metal is sometimes very frustrating to say -- an average listener, because of the death metal growls that people of the modern era still can not seem to embrace (very selfish if you ask me). But regardless.... Haggard stand tall in the metal genre as the finest original band to unearth in quite a while! For tracks, I would check out "Per Aspera Ad Astra"... that is my favorite. In general, you'd have to buy the album to fully appreciate Haggard. As every album they perform is normally meant to be conceptual and musically artistic, Haggard should be embraced by all!! If you don't check this out, there are problems you're going to have to iron out for yourself... like, check out Haggard or quit your bitching!!

Rating: 96

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell