Halford - Resurrection (Sanctuary Record Group) - Back
After the glory days of Judas Priest, Rob Halford tried on the skins of two different bands, Fight and Two. Both of which were sub-par for the metal legend. Halford is now back with his own project hailing is last name and entitled "Resurrection," a name that seems fit after his aforementioned experiments. This maybe one of his finest works to date, and its his best since the earlier days of Judas Priest. I think if people give this album a chance, it could possibly be a metal album of the year candidate, if not number one. What even makes this album even more interesting is that two of the best metal vocalist in history teamed up to do a duet on track six, "The One You Love To Hate." Bruce Dickinson and Halford sing together in this song, for a real dream come true for any metal fan. This album has the best aspects of power metal from the vocal style to the melodic heavy riffs, its definitely one of the best put together albums of this year. The best way to describe it would be across between Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Nevermore and Iced Earth, very impressive! Do yourself a favor and check out this metal legend once again, and do not let his last couple projects scare you off.

Rating: 95