Hammerfall - Threshold (Nuclear Blast Records) - Back
How time flies! It’s been nearly a decade since the release of Hammerfall’s “Glory To The Brave.” Now in 2006, the band has a new disc in “Threshold.” Tons of power metal riffing that will please your ears. In addition to that, the nice leads, quality melodic rhythms, and fastidious solos show why this band continues to produce valuable power metal songs. That, and their Judas Priest and Iron Maiden influences. The appealing choruses also help to capture their audience. Joacim Cans’ powerful vocals deserve some respect too. He can hit notes when he needs to. A few more of those energy filled power metal riffs and addicting melodic rhythms and I would like this even more. Hammerfall is a very capable band all around and I always look forward to hearing new tracks from these metallers. The only probably I had with the promo that was sent is that it had voiceovers for security reasons. They annoy the hell out of me! Just when you get into the song you hear the levels drop then the name of the album is announced. Anyhow, it’s nothing that will be a problem when you purchase your copy. “Threshold” should please Hammerfall’s fans and power metal fans alike.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins