Hanzel Und Gretyl - Scheissmessiah (Metropolis Records) - Back
“Scheissmessiah” is Hanzel Und Gretyl’s forth album, and they have never been more impressive. This disc showcases their industrial metal sound with their blend of German and English lyrics. Picture Ministry, KMFDM, with a Pro-Pain/Pantera edge. That should give you a good idea of what this CD sounds like; Pro-pain/Ministry would almost be a perfect cross at times. These songs take care of themselves. Heavy, choppy riffs are combined with the industrial beats to create this grand, energetic album. The metal riffs are like a well-oiled machine. Guitars have much more of a metal feeling than the rest of the music…great thrashy riffs. They had to get people’s heads bobbing and bodies thrashing in their last tour; I found my head bouncing around with the rhythm of a well-timed clock while I listened. “Fikk Dich Mit Fire” and “And We Shall Purify” are my favorite tracks, but the truth is the majority of this should speak to metal and industrial fans. Metal fans and Non-Christians should also get a kick out of “Hellalujah.” Al Jorgensen would probably be really into this disc. I like the feeling and direction of this “Scheissmessiah,” I can’t wait for more from Hanzel Und Gretyl!

Rating: 84