Hate Profile - Opus I: The Khaos Hatefile (Cruz Del Sur Music) - Back
After a few lineup changes, Hate Profile was taken in a solo direction by Amon 418. The debut album “Opus I: the Khoas Hatefile” is a lethal style of black metal. Amon 418 basically does everything for the CD and calls in session musicians to complete the album. On this effort, session drums were blasphemed by GroM (Ancient/Hortus Animae). To give you a little clue to the sound of this disc, put Agathodaimon, Ancient, Dissection, Raise Hell, Enslaved, and Emperor in a wood chipper and the bloody mass left is what you got! There are parts that are extremely brilliant, but the decent or mediocre riffs off balance them. The songs are far from being bad but with a better riff selection this could improve to excellent status. It needs a few more of those choice riffs and a little less of the repeating ones. Even though there are only nine tracks on “The Khaos Hatefile,” technically there are ten tracks including an intro (before the first song – track 0), outro, and eight established songs for forty-three minutes. Opus I will leave you hungering for more…


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins