Hauatagused Karjed Vol. 2 - Estonian Extreme Metal Compilation (Hexenreich Records) - Back
Compilation CDs can prove to be very informative to the true metal fan. One cool thing about most comps is you get a vast number of bands to hear a least one track from. It’s how I use to find out about bands years ago, when I was in my teens. Well same as it was back then goes for this disc. I definitely found some bands I need to check more into. This compendium focuses on the more extreme and dark genres. Hauatagused Karjed Vol. 2 is a black, pagan, and death metal collection of twenty tracks over seventy-seven minutes. Just about everything is at least decent, but a couple tracks stood out for me. Raud-Ants’ tune “Karjasepoeli” and Kamaloka’s “Brutal Accident.” The music styles vary from band to band but all stay either dark or brutal with their different approaches to music. I’m sure some of the other tracks will grab people that have a blackened metal heart too.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins