Havochate - Cycle of Pain (Indecent Media) - Back
New York-based thrashers, Havochate, have thrown their 2nd album into the general underground public. Cycle of Pain is an extremely diverse, heavy, and catchy metal offering with a collage of vocal assortments. Anything from power metal chanting to near-growling and thrash-style. Not only will fans of Testament and Judas Priest be impressed, fans across the metal spectrum will drown in their excellent guitar harmonies and heavy aggression. One second you will have a very catchy Testament-like riff, then you'll get a groovy solo or acoustic part, then something else, etc, etc.... They change it up enough to make things interesting. Professional is an understatement with Havochate. The musicianship is top-notch and even more notable, nothing is sloppy. A good production, good mixture of songs & lengths, excellent breaks and choruses, and even some good artwork with their album inlay (nice photo-glossy finish!). I would say my favs. are "Fiction" and "Speak No More". Both songs have all that I mentioned. Diversity, technicality, aggression, harmonies, whatever you'd want to hear! Worth a listen, especially for those into Priest, Iced Earth, Testament, Nevermore, and Stratovarious!!

Rating: 84

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell