Heidevolk - De Strijdlust is Geboren (Independent) - Back
After only a year and a half since their birth, Heidevolk have already caught a lot of attention in the northern portions of Europe. Heidevolk, a new-founded Folk metal 6-piece band, base much of their lyrical and musical concepts on nature and mythology. As this being their debut album, it would seem they have matured by the minute because of how delicate each note sounds. Sure the mastered disc is a tad muddy, but the concepts and the artwork more than compensate Heidevolks' efforts. This is totally extraordinary for those of you who enjoy choral chants, sounds of sea & drunken bonfires and not to mention, epic mystical landscapes! My favorite track is "Gelre 838, Wychaert", which feature a collage of elements I have since mentioned. There are some black metal elements thrown in here and there, but do not expect a lot of vocal shrieking. That is not what these guys are all about. All in all, their 1st opus- "De Strijdlust is Geboren" should not be forgotten nor overlooked! Bathory, Moonsorrow and Thyrfing fans will absolutely LOVE Heidevolk!

Rating: 84

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell