Hell Baronís Wrath - Living In Anguish (Independent) - Back
Abrasive and ominous are two words that describe Hell Baron’s Wrath’s demo “Living In Anguish.” This promo was recorded in early 2006, composed in the classic black metal style and analogous to Dark Throne, Carpathian Forest with also a slight Satyricon and Ancient sound. On the six tracks and nearly twenty-five minutes you will find blistering riffs, blasting drums, and black metal growls. Nothing is too complex; this is more of a strait to the point band. The blackened groove riffs maybe need a little added variation in riffs for a bit more of an appealing sound. I think they need to work on bridging elements; a few are overly abrupt to sound good to your ears. Maybe that was the point? The only other gripe I have is the programmed drums, but they have already remedied that with a session drummer for their upcoming first album. An added element to this band that makes them different from bands of their type is their use of sound effects. A couple sound effects are almost comical, though probably intentional to prove a point. However some add an eerie vibe that sends a chill down your spine. “Grudge In My Veins” is my most liked song, followed by the last track, a cover of Dark Throne’s “To Walk the Infernal Fields.”


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins