Hellchild - Bareskin (Howling Bull Entertainment) - Back
Hellchild is Japan's latest contribution to the metal seen. The band is a thrash/death crossover and appears to have many influences. Whatever you classify them as, you have to classify them as one hell of a good band. Hellchild has catchy, heavy riffs throughout their CD, enough to get anyone's attention. The vocal style is definitely interesting, its like a chaotic death vocal at times. The tone of their songs also pushes them towards the death metal sound, at times almost a melodic death. The songs that grabbed my attention include "The Answer," "Without Any Answer," "Single Color of Myself," and "Another Kind of Bravery." 10 songs and 35 minutes of music encompass this CD, and if you are looking to see these guys play, they are currently on the list for the Milwaukee Metafest. I know if I have the time to see them in Milwaukee, I will! If your interested in finding out more about Hellchild then check out their label's website at http://www.howlingbull.com.

Rating: 86