Hellfire - Clonosis (Independent) - Back
Hellfire, a band that makes their home in Athens, Greece has released a three song CD entitled "Clonosis." Though the music is pretty good, the production needs a good deal of work. The guitar sounds like it was recorded using a cheap distortion pedal or a cheap amp. The sound that the guitar puts out is just not a good quality sound. The bass does not seem to be normalized because the bass will go perfect with the song, then when he plays higher notes it becomes the loudest thing in the song. The music is good though. It's a cross between early Metallica and early Slayer. There also seems to be a touch of Iron Maiden in their music as well. Hellfire doesn't cheat you on the songs, they don't have three songs that are only a couple minutes each. These three songs are all over six minutes long, and the whole CD is just shy of twenty minutes. I really don't have a favorite track on this CD, the mixing makes it hard to decide. But, all of these songs have their good parts. This band has been around for a few years, if some label picks them up they might have some music to listen to. The bottom line, is that if this album was recorded better, and mixed better, then "Clonosis" would be a good CD, but since it isn't, there isn't much that's really enjoyable. Its one of those might have been CDs, if someone did the dirty work when they mixed it, it would be worth a purchase.

Rating: 61