Helloween - Gambling With The Devil (SPV) - Back
Over the years Helloween has persevere though several lineup changes culminating into what they are day…a legendary band with prominence who is still making a high-quality product today, going on 25 years!!

“Gambling With The Devil” is there newest release and it rocks damn hard. Dueling guitars with melodic harmonies to heavy thrash riffs comprise much of this album. There are a number of traditional and speed metal ingredients as well. Some of these riffs soar! The inspiring leads and fulfilling solos are another noteworthy trait.

Keys add enough atmosphere to give this band more passion then many bands of similar approaches to music. Drums seem to establish a proper cadence for each track. A good tempo is kept in shape with variation, as shown on this record.

Vocals are sung with poise, power and passion. It’s a strong performance whether the lyrics are sung firmly or boundless. There is even a guest speaker with Biff Byford (Saxon) on the opening track, “Crack The Riddle,” reciting a poetic entry to the album.

The twelve tracks last nearly an hour. For the most part the mix keeps the music quite lively and entertaining throughout. All these tracks are pleasing to listen to. Some more than others, but nothing to scoff at. “The Saints,” “As Long As I Fall,” “Final Fortune”, and “Dreambound” are my favorite tunes, but not limited to only those tracks

There is a limited edition digipak in a slipcase of “Gambling With The Devil” that has a bonus disc with 2 unreleased songs ("Find My Freedom" and "See the Night"), a video and enhanced material. Sounds good to me!

It may be hard to believe but “Gambling With The Devil” is Helloween’s thirteenth studio recording. Not many bands can say that! If you are a fan of Helloween or first-rate power, progressive metal in general, you won’t be disappointed. This album is for you!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins