Hewhocorrupts - The Smell Of Money (Eugenics Record Label) - Back
“The Smell of Money” is an enhanced CDEP in digipak form from the band hewhocorrupts, featuring a scratch & sniff spot on the package of laundered money! Yeah that’s, what I said…I know it might sound strange, but if you scratch the eyeball on the back of the disc, it actually works. So already this EP does more for your senses then just a normal disc, and this is far from normal discs. There’s and enhanced portion on the disc as well, which includes a video for “Master of Profits” from a previous release, and an interview with the band. And if that wasn’t enough for this disc, 100 copies of this CD will have a signed one-dollar bill from Tommy Camaro. Enough with the extras, on to the music… You can probably put them in a similar category of Cephalic Carnage or A.C (Anal Cunt) in songwriting, with a little more hardcore sound though. This is five songs of energy filled chaos! Sometimes grindcore bands leave you unfulfilled, not hewhocorrupts. Sure, the songs are short but what else would you expect. I could go for a few more, heavy breakdown riffs, like the end of “Pain In the Tight Pants”, and having a few more tracks would be nice too. The total length of the five tracks is almost eight minutes. Short and sweet I guess. So now with the music, the only sense they didn’t touch is taste…I guess you could eat the package, but why would you want to ruin such a nice design? Thanks for an almost literal, total assault on all my senses!

Rating: 81