Hieronymus Bosch - Artificial Emotions (CD-Maximum) - Back
Formed in Moscow in 1993, here is an extremely progressive and technical death metal band that call themselves Hieronymus Bosch. "Artificial Emotions" is only their 2nd album after 12 years, but their first album (The Human Abstract) was actually released 10 years ago (1995). Anyways, let me entice you with what you should not be missing. HB have a philosophical outlook (I guess me saying that is kind of a catch 22) on emotions and of the space/time continuum. Their guitar savagery would lead you to think of bands like Cynic and Pestilence. Indeed, they are MUCH like these bands. The only essential with HB is, they are still around AND more aggressive! Plus, the shredding guitars are in league with James Murphy (tons of solos), the drumming precision is Hoglan-esque, the bass lines are like DiGiorgio and the vocals sound very much like (Piotr Wiwczarek of Vader)- well, death metal!! I would say these guys are alongside similar current acts such as Quo Vadis (Canada) and Necrophagist (Germany). Extreme perfectionists with their respected instruments! I would suggest visiting their home page so you can find out how to order this phenomenal album!

Rating: 98

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell