Himinbjorg - Third (Red Stream) - Back
Wow, what a refreshing CD to listen to. Himinbjorg take aspects of black, death, doom, and dark metal and combine them together to make a masterpiece called "Third." Even though this CD is a MCD and there is six tracks, two are short intros to songs, it still last for over twenty-five minutes. This being their third release from Red Stream, they are very tight band, and its seems like they have been playing together forever, they sounds really good. Their sound is hard to pick out, sometimes they seem reminiscent of Agalloch or Ancient, and sometimes even Emperor or Borknagar. They are a very atmospheric black metal band, and very good at what they do. There isn't a bad song on this CD. "The Fading Whispers" is my favorite song on this CD. "The Great Time With The Grass Parts one and two" are great as well. And you can't forget the songs "The Moment" and "An Ode To The Elder." They definitely add to this album. This is probably this bands best release so far, keep an eye on these guys, everyone probably will be talking about them very soon. It's viking metal from France, how could you complain.

Rating: 95