Himinbjorg - Europa (Adipocere) - Back
The long-awaited 5th full-length from French Viking metal quartet, Himinbjorg, is here! At first listen, I was a bit skeptical on a few occasions as there are a ton of odd breaks and choruses. Such is the case in the tracks "It Was In Europe" and "The Inner Mirror", which are still quite aggressive and mid-pace. After a few more listens, however, the decision towards "Europa" is unanimously exquisite. Himinbjorg have taken traits from both "Golden Age" and "Haunted Shores" with what would seem to be a bit experimental, but actually sounds like their most sophisticated release thus far. It has a lot of raw black metal moments (with good production) combined with Viking chants, guitar solos, epic rhythms, and melodic mid-paced material. A few general ideas include the tracks "The Alienated", "Last Day in Alesia" and "Entering Odin's Huge Palace". The artwork on the album has a nice layout and the new band logo definitely fits the mold of their musical concepts better. I would recommend this album to all Viking/black metal hordes out there and aside from the oddly vocal grimacing and somewhat de-harmonized chants at times, Europa will surely grow on you. So don't be hasty, just enjoy!

Rating: 88

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell