Hirax - The New Age of Terror (Black Devil Records/Mausoleum Records) - Back
Old school thrash is what Hirax is all about. “The New Age of Terror” should bring you back to the eighties during the time when the Bay area thrash sound had just started to escalate. Fast, aggressive metal riffs cover the album, and should get any fan of thrash an awaking. This thrash attack has so many enticing riffs the crowd has to go insane in the mosh pits during their shows. The leads get you right into each song and if that still didn’t entice your ears, there are solos that dance all over this album. If you haven’t heard Katon W. De Pena sing before, he has a similar vocal style and power of Paul Baloff of Exodus. That’s probably the only one even close to his style. All of this CD’s elements are thrash…eleven tracks and a little bit over thirty-seven minutes worth. There are a selection of tracks that I dig, including “Swords of Steel,” “Hell On Earth,” the instrumental ballad “El Dia De Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead),” “El Diablo Negro,” and” Unleash the Dogs of War (Open the Gates).” If you like thrash done the way it use to be, you need to listen to “The New Age of Terror.”

Rating: 79