The Hollow - Vita (Swarm Theory Music) - Back
Wow, this one impressed me. The Hollow could best be described as a more metal version of Tool. Now that’s an interesting depiction! Picture Tool, crossed with Metallica, Life of Agony and Nevermore. It’s really amazing how much they sound like Tool at times. They make their music dynamic and artistic as Tool would but add heaviness, solos and percussion of the metal bands, it’s a tuneful feast for your ears. The Hollow are very tight and crisp on “Vita” and they aren’t afraid of composing extraordinary instrumentals. “Lies” and “Rage” are radio worthy tracks and should be played the hell out of, especially track 5 (Lies). It needs to be on the radio on all channels that play hard rock, it something that everyone should hear! There really is too much to talk about on the side of what they did correctly. The music carries a certain aura that bands only comprised of amazing musicians transmit. All hard rock to thrash fans…prepare to be in awe!

Rating: 87