Holocaust - Friday the 13th Demo (Neat Records) - Back
Back in the summer of 1977 the band Holocaust started in Edinburgh, Scotland. The band went through some name changing starting out as Buzzard, then changing to Apollo, Praying Mantis and upon finding out that there was a band call that, they then changed their name to Holocaust. Their music started out as influenced by Black Sabbath and the NWOBHM. Holocaust gained prominence when Metallica covered some songs of their songs for their Garage mini album. Over the years the band has released a hand full plus of albums which the last was one was release in 1997. This new release, "Friday the 13th Demo," was recorded earlier this year on Friday the 13th in April, hence the name. The CD was almost entirely recorded in one take at Azure Audio Studio in Needham, MA. A rough three-track sampler was recorded for a "down 'n' dirty" demo for the forthcoming "Primal" CD. The three tracks on this disk do show some promising old style metal that may refreshen the outlook of bands from the eighties. Since this is a quickly recorded demo it can show you the direction that the band is taking. Its definitely filled with thrash influenced riffing also with the influence of NWOBHM. Of the songs on the CD the only track I really cared for was the first track "Iron Will." It has some catchy riffs, with the balls to the wall attitude. The other tracks do have their moments, but not like "Iron Will." I'm interested in hearing what this band has to say with their upcoming release "Primal." Maybe then I can make a definite decision on if this band is back or just wasting their time.

Rating: 68