Holocaust - Hellfire Holocaust (Sound Riot Records) - Back
While I was listen to Holocaust it remind me of those day of the early 90's when death metal was finally getting a foot hold on metal. Like back then there were a lot of death metal bands that weren't necessarily different from the rest of the group. Most of this CD was typical death metal. The classic early 90's sound. There guitar sounds a little the sound of Cannibal Corpse with a little touch of an epic sound. The first half of the CD was pretty much straight forward, but the second half stepped it up a little bit, especially for tracks 4 "Nuclear Hell" and 6 "Skull Implosion." There are seven tracks on this CD that last for a total of just over 20 minutes. I'm sure any fan of early death metal would at least like to hear this, is not bad. I have only heard this CD, from Holocaust, I would like to hear some more, and to see how they are developing music, it almost reminds me of Unleashed crossed with a little Cannibal Corpse.

Rating: 73