Homo Iratus - Human Consumes Human (Arctic Music Group) - Back
The summer of 1998 marked the start of Homo Iratus. Hailing from Greece, this band has created a sound similar to a mix of early Carcass and Napalm Death. They seem to be the heaviest band from Greece, with their early death metal sound. "Human Consumes Human" is the title of Homo Iratus' latest effort. From the first track on this CD, it takes off with a song entitled "Life-Like Violence." This is my favorite track on this disk. There are a host of other songs that I liked as well. They include "Project: New World," "Crawling Principles," "Sonus In Terrorem," "Human Parts Inc.," and "S.H.I.T." Some of the other tracks had some good parts as well but the band couldn't quite pull everything together. The fourteen tracks play for a little more then forty minutes and provokes you into moshing like animals. This is the first of a four album deal with the Arctic Music Group, so prepare yourself for another onslaught of Homo Iratus.

Rating: 82