The Hope Conspiracy – Endnote (Equal Vision Records) - Back
If you haven’t heard The Hope Conspiracy yet, you don’t know what you are missing. They are a hardcore and punk outfit with a little bit of a metal edge and they bring a refreshed approach to hardcore/punk with “Endnote.” These guys do it well; this sound is what I think of when I think of hardcore/punk. “Endnote” uses an aggressive style to showcase their talent and they don’t leave out the catchy riffs that hardcore is famous for; you can get into any of these songs. Influences include Black Flag, The Smiths, Deadguy and Carcass, which can explain their sound a little, but they take it in a more earsplitting direction. The Hope Conspiracy had a number of songs that I think are respectable. The last track on this album, “For Love” is probably my favorite track. I like the overall feeling to the song; it possibly has the most feeling of any two songs combined on “Endnote.” There are a couple of fine riffs as well. Other tracks that grabbed me by the balls include “Defiant Hearts,” Violent and Gray,” “Distant” and “Three Year Suicide.” Track seven, “Distant,” is a nice instrumental of metal/hardcore that open into the next track “Three Year Suicide” which is pretty good as well. Twelve songs ravage this CD for over twenty-five minutes. I’m a metal head, and this disc almost got me to do some hardcore dancing, it definitely made me want to mosh my legs off.

Rating: 86