Horse The Band - The Mechanical Hand (Combat Records/Koch Records) - Back
The Los Angeles based quintet, Horse the Band’s “The Mechanical Hand”, is Combat Records first release after its restart. I guess the best way to explain the bands style would be exactly what they put on the sales sheet, “Nintendo-based hardcore.” If you put the Dillinger Escape Plan in a wood chipper with the music similar to your favorite Nintendo games, this is what you would get. That might sound bizarre, but it actually makes their music unique in an interesting way. This can be just as abrasive and intense as other hardcore fusions, maybe even more so. Ironically the keys that make up the Nintendo sound fill in spots of the music, making their sound feel much fuller. It might take a couple songs to get used to it, but it grows on you. However, take the keys out and they are basically another version of chaotic hardcore bands like the Dillinger Escape Plan. “The Mechanical Hand” was produced by Matt Bayles who has worked with Murder City Devils, Mastodon, Isis, Norma Jean, Minus the Bear. The music is a little unpolished for my tastes, but it does work with this style. It’s not recorded bad, just some of the notes seem awkward as if they weren’t played with as much confidence as the majority of record. And nothing really stands out, just certain riffs and chords do. The songs aren’t bad, just average, maybe a little above. I can see people into hardcore getting into this, as long as you keep an open mind and realize this is a little odd. It now keeps me wondering what they will do on their next disc.

Rating: 78