Human Ritual - Offering (Independent) - Back
As soon as I put “Offering” in, my head was nodding to the music. Human Ritual takes the heaviest elements from Suffocation, Meshuggah, Tool, Fear Factory, and Sepultura to make a wall of sound that will chip the paint off your house. Simply put, they are super fucking heavy. Their heaviness comes from how they have structured the band. As many bands these days, they have two riff-drunken guitarists that pound their guitars into submission. To go along with that, a drummer and percussionist add the exclamation point to every riff. One thing that doesn’t happen to often theses days is having more than one bassist. Two bassist can have only one result in a metal band, and that’s an unheard of cavernous, heaviness. At the helm, the vocals are a hybrid of Fear Factory and Sepultura, a good violent throat to bring this band together. Musically the band seems a little immature. If they could get a little tighter or have this CD produced a little better this could be great. Throughout this disc there a parts that make you want to punch the person next to you, or put your foot through your TV. It makes you want to break everything in site. Opening up this disc, it starts with a song that has grown to be my favorite. “Less Than Human” is a brutality masterpiece, or as Human Ritual would put say, it’s “brutaful.” All the other songs are average, except for the last track “This So Called Life.” It’s a track that you could sink ocean liners with, like the titanic. I hope to hear more from this band in the future. They have a good start; lets see where they take it.

Rating: 78