Hypocrisy - Virus (Nuclear Blast) - Back
After a ton of variations from album to album, Hypocrisy's "Virus" is the answer to "The Fourth Dimension!" Well I won't rebel against everything in-between that and this, but Virus certainly has its share of blistering brutality and abrasive melodies. With the addition of Andreas Holma and Horgh (Immortal) it seems to help bring out a more black metal side to Sweden’s death metal masters. Wow, and did I mention the use of more guitar solos, more consistent death vox (even some much deeper grunts like Magnus on the first two discs), thunderous drumming (Horgh!!!!) and sweltering bass guitar speed! "Warpath" and "Blooddrenched" are two of the most amazing pieces I've heard from Hypocrisy in quite a few years (circa-1994 or so) as well. That Immortal sound is definitely rubbing off on Hypocrisy too! Ha! Let's face the facts... the death metal continuum has now gone full-circle and Hypocrisy can now forge their names upon higher grounds. A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ALBUM!!!!!!

Rating: 95

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell