Iced Earth - Overture Of The Wicked (SPV) - Back
Every time I hear or read something on a new song or release from Iced Earth, I hunger to take a listen to it. Finally with the “Overture of the Wicked” we all have a chance to hear something new from this brilliant classic metal/thrash band. This release is a four track EP over twenty minutes, with only one brand new track off their upcoming double-album. However, the last three songs every Iced Earth fan should be familiar with, the last three tracks from “Something Wicked This Way Comes,” the Something Wicked Trilogy (“Prophecy,” “Birth Of The Wicked,” and “The Coming Curse”). It has been rerecorded with Tim Owens doing the vocals. I’m a huge fan of Matt Barlow (original singer of those songs) and I can’t say I’m disappointed with these versions. Sure it’s not Matt, but Tim does an admirable job. The songs also have some added atmosphere that is supposed to show the direction of their upcoming full-length. I still personally like the originals better, but this is a good warm up for their new studio effort. The music doesn’t seem to quite have the heaviness, or body of the originals, but its close. However the new track is quality material, and was worth the long wait. If the “Overture Of The Wicked” EP is a prelude or introduction to the fall 2007 release of “Framing Armageddon,” then we will all be in for a treat.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins