Ihsahn - The Adversary (Candlelight Records) - Back
Certainly, this is the best musical release by Ihsahn since the last Emperor disc (Prometheus). Hell.... even the last Peccatum disc was nothing to shake a stick at. Along with Asgeir Mickelson on the kit, Ihsahn controls nearly every aspect of composition heard on this first solo record entitled "The Adversary". This album contains 9 tracks and 50 minutes of progressive music in the vein of later Emperor & Borknagar... whence, the musicians involved! The guitar work contains the typical Ihsahn technical quirkiness, with the usual drumming wizardry of Sir Mickelson. Much of the album has a hearty clean vocal approach, utilizing his sorta King Diamond whaling / chanting. Ihsahn doesn't necessarily throw any black metal out of the picture either. Still, in a satisfying sense, there are plenty of shrieking vocals in the mix to pinpoint this album as an extravagant, near-black metal assault. With Ihsahn and Asgeir, you almost have to expect the unexpected! Some tracks like "Astera Ton Proinon" and "The Pain is Still Mine" use an extremely melodic approach, while others like "Panem Et Circenses" and "And He Shall Walk In Empty Places" sound exactly like Emperor (awesome kicks & blasts)! Ihsahn has shown that he is still on top of his musical level and this work should allow people to enjoy more than just his and Asgeirs' past accomplishments. Take a gander... this one can't be ignored!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell