Illogicist - Polymorphism Of Death (Independent) - Back
Death metal from Italy screams the name of Illogicist. They are very aggressive with their style of Death Metal. Influenced by such bands as Death, Atheist and Spastic Ink they have progressive death metal morphed to their style. The summer of 1997 saw the formation of the band, and their immediate goal was to create songs that reflects their music interests. Fabio Filippone former guitarist of Nefarium was added to the line-up a few weeks before they recorded "Polymorphism Of Death" to complete a four-piece band. The band plays decent together. At times they play fluidly, but a few times they needed to tighten up a little. There are three songs on this technical death metal album and a little more then nineteen minutes of soul depravity. The song that grabed my attention the most was the first track "Warped." "Visions Of Decay" was mark with some key riffs, and "Grimaces" had some moments too, but lacked some of the flow of the other two songs. Illogicist are currently looking for a label, and if they can tie all the loose ends in their songs then maybe they will get one.

Rating: 75