Illusoria - More Than We Are (Independent) - Back
Finding a metalcore band in Italy might not be the most obvious place, but the way the genre has spread in the last few years, it probably isn’t too surprising anymore. Illusoria are from Novara, Italy and they play just that on their mini-CD “More Than We Are.” There are five songs on the disc for a tad over nineteen minutes. As I said, the band mainly has a metalcore sound with heavy riffage and melodic rhythms. I think I hear some Nu metal traits as well, probably not intentional. Anything from Chimaira to Killswitch Engage to even Papa Roach can be heard in their music. Illusoria do well with choruses, generally it’s their best characteristic. They also have decent to good solos. The only thing that may be on the negative side is that “More Than We Are” may be too predictable of a release, almost to the point of being generic. I’d say it has to do with the typical metalcore formula that many bands use, along with the clean vocals; it needs a little something to not be so regular. However, on the positive side “More Than We Are” is a radio worthy track with an awesome chorus. And to me the last track, “Nuance” is the best all around tune from the metal perspective. You have my attention gentlemen!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins