Immersed In Blood - Killing Season (Arctic Music Group) - Back
Formerly known as Inverted, Immersed In Blood have released what is to be a newfound Gothenberg-style mixing the renowned Swedish death metal formula with US thrash! Of course, being from Sweden, there isn't much that comes out of Sweden these days that I do not like in some way, shape, or form. Viewing their song titles, they have enough aggression built up to last a millenium or more. Speaking of which, aggression is pretty much the ingredient on "Killing Season" in its entirety. "Letum Non Omnia Finit" is one of my favorite tracks as close as the others come to that. I can actually hear a bit of the band, Seance, in Immersed In Bloods' music. The only let down for me is the knack for repetition in their song structures, which isn't necessarily bad. A lot of bands likewise, will use repetition to get points across to people without the technical storyboard hassle. Whatever suits you best I suppose. While still retaining little room for error however, the Swedish quintet has a very modest and clear direction ahead of them. If they get some bigger gigs set-up with bands like Hypocrisy or In Flames, these guys will definitely get more eyes looking their way (well duh... haha). They are without a doubt, one of the brightest newcomers out of Sweden.

Rating: 83

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell