Impaled – Mondo Medicale (Deathvomit Records) - Back
Impaled is back again with a ten song opus entitled “Mondo Medicale.” Over forty-two minutes of death metal bombard your cranium. These guys have a straight-ahead death metal style that is in your face and gets the blood pumping. You can tell that death metal must have been flowing through their veins for a long time. Songs like “Raise The Stake,” “Operating Theatre,” “Choke On It,” and “To Die For” are good examples of Impaled’s ability to create chaos. I enjoyed more than half the songs, and “Rest In Faeces” was the one that would make a goat explode. The song reminded me of Carcass a little, the band’s music has matured some. The brutal riffs and pummeling drumbeats leave you wanting more. Impaled recorded a handful more songs at the same time as “Mondo Medicale” to go on their follow-up EP “Medical Waste.” I can’t wait to hear that!

Rating: 85